Friday, 2 October 2009


Cann is short for cannibalism, or 'girlmeat'. The 'victims' are very often willing participants.

The pre-eminent website for this fetish is Muki's Kitchen.

'FemCann' deals with men being cooked and eaten by female cannibals.

Though they might sound superficially similar, this fetish is actually completely different from Vore.


Not just the penal system, but any woman imprisoned or held against her will (justly or injustly) including scenarios such as harems and slave auctions.


Bound Heat
Quite simply the best producer of WIP films out there right now. It's run by Lloyd Simandl, best known as the man behind the Caged Heat movies. There's a great forum too, which actively solicits fan input, plus a plethora of trailers so you can see for yourself exactly how polished and professional their productions are. Don't take my word for it, go and see for yourself.

Prison Flicks
Excellent site featuring reviews of prison themed movies, from the well-known to the mind-bogglingly obscure, including many foreign WIP films. It's not limited to WIP movies alone, but obviously they make up a sizeable chunk of the content.
It's well organised, and movies are given 'Manacle Ratings' out of five, so it's a good ready-reckoner when you're plotting your next WIP movie purchase.


A far-reaching term, which can encompass vampiric or otherwise supernatural women to everyday women stuck in classic horror-peril situations.


CFNM stands for 'Clothed Female, Naked Male'. It's good fun!


Includes boxers, catfighters, martial artists, and wrestlers (same sex or mixed bouts). A beautiful girl who can beat you up and look damn good doing it.


Controlling the minds of others...including (but not limited to) hypnosis.


The bad and the beautiful, all rolled up into one delicious package. Girls you'll never be able to take home to meet your mother.